Our PhilosophyOur Philosophy

Z-kai will continue to contribute to social innovation and progress through our educational services, developing the skills and competencies needed to create leaders.

pictureSince our inception, we have helped hundreds of thousands of high school students to prepare for college entrance examinations. In the past forty years, the majority of the students who passed the entrance examination to the University of Tokyo, which is the most competitive higher education institution in Japan, have made use of our services to achieve their success.
We can safely say that the successful careers of many of Japan’s leaders in many fields began with the help of Z-kai.

The aim of our wide variety of educational services is not only to help our students gain admission into higher education, but also to help them acquire and improve the faculty of profound thinking and clear self-expression needed in the study of truth and the resolution of the real-life problems they will face in their future careers. There is no doubt that with the help of our high-quality educational services, young students of Z-kai will acquire what it takes to be the future leaders of Japan in every field.

Today, the range of our students is expanding from schoolchildren to adults, and the number of students is 230,000 per year. We are now going to offer our high quality, highly-valued educational services to learners all over the world. We have the ability to adapt to changing trends in the business model, but our philosophy will not change.

We wish to create a place of learning that attracts not only Japanese students but also large numbers of international students with the ambition to further develop their proficiency. Our contribution to society is to inspire students to become innovative leaders.

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