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1931: “Jitsuryoku-Zoshin-kai” established at Kashiwagi Yodobashi-cho, Toyotama-gun, Tokyo. Commenced educational services, mainly distance correspondence education. The founder, Yutaka Fujii, was a former English teacher born in 1898 in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Pref.
1945: Evacuated from Tokyo to escape the air raids, and settled in Nakaizu-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka Pref.
1952: Changed company name to “Zoshin-kai”, with the abbreviation “Z-kai”; resumed services.
1979: Relocated to a newly-constructed headquarters building in Nagaizumi-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Pref.
Introduced computers to begin streamlining and to improve efficiency.
1981: Started distribution of textbooks at designated bookstores.
1982: Launched distance correspondence courses for students studying for high school entrance examinations.
1985: Converted to a joint-stock corporation.
Opened a cram school, “Shingaku Z-kai”, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
1986: Launched model entrance examination service for junior high school students.
Opened offices in Tokyo and Osaka.
1991: Launched preparatory course for the entrance examination to the University of Tokyo.
1992: Constructed Tokyo Building in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Published the first edition of “Sokudoku-Eitango 1, 2” (Vocabulary building).
1994: Opened Osaka Learning Center to launch preparatory course for the entrance examination to the University of Kyoto.
1995: Opened Ochanomizu Learning Center to operate preparatory course for the entrance examination of the University of Tokyo.
1999: Transferred cram school business in the Tokyo metropolitan area to Tokyo Zoshinkai Inc.
Published “Oxford Word Power Dictionary”.
Launched distance correspondence course for elementary school students.
2000: Transferred cram school business in the Kansai region to Tokyo Zoshinkai Inc.
Transferred publishing business to Z-kai Publishers Inc.
2001: Constructed Ochanomizu Building in Kanda-Sudacho, Tokyo.
2002: Published “Word Power Fully Bilingual Dictionary”.
Launched Business Development Courses.
2003: Changed the name of Tokyo Zoshinkai Inc. to Z-kai Taimen Kyoiku Inc. (cram school).
2006: Merged Zoshinkai Publishers Inc. (distance correspondence education service), “Z-kai Taimen Kyoiku” (cram school business) and Z-kai Publishers Inc., to form Z-kai Inc.
2007: Launched video streaming courses.
Launched Gakken Classrooms / Z-kai Courses.
2008: Acquired a part of the university entrance examination business of Gakkyusha Co.,Ltd.
Entered a business and capital alliance with ICHISHIN CO., LTD.
Entered a business and capital alliance with With us Corporation
2009: Constructed Z-kai Bunkyo-cho Building in Mishima.
Entered a business and capital alliance with Eikoh Inc.
2010: Launched a distance correspondence course for 4/5 year-old preschool students.
2011: Established Facultas Co.,Ltd.
2012: Launched “Digital Z”, providing digital educational materials for pre-school and elementary students.
2013: Established Z-kai CA Inc.
Jan. 2015: Invested in igsZ., Ltd.
Established Z-kai Learning Technology Inc.
Jun. 2015: Opened Z-kai Individual Teaching Center in Futakotamagawa.
Jul. 2015: Formed a long-term strategic partnership with Knewton, Inc. to develop adaptive learning products for students.
Aug. 2015: Formed a business alliance with KDDI to provide educational services making use of the advantages of ICT.
Sep. 2015: Formed a business alliance with Edmodo, Inc. to develop and provide SNS and learning platforms for schools.
Oct. 2015: Established Z-kai Educe Inc.
Jan. 2016: Agreed with Peason Japan K.K. to develop and provide a new digital English educational service.
Feb. 2016: Formed a business alliance with RareJob Inc. to sell online English conversation products and to develop English language educational services.

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