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Correspondence Education Services

We started business in the field of correspondence education services more than eighty years ago, and this has remained the main branch of our business. We have always used our own textbooks, to maintain the highest standard of service. Our correspondence education aims not only to qualify students for higher education but also to nurture their ability to reason and to express themselves, skills which will be necessary for their future careers. The answer sheets we collect from our students show their individual thinking processes and endeavor, and we make it a rule to treat the papers with the utmost care and to reward the students’ efforts with the most reliable service available. This refusal to compromise our services has made it possible for us to maintain the students’ confidence in Z-kai, and more than eighty years of forging a good relationship with our students has enabled us to acquire a wealth of methodology and know-how invaluable for the provision of our future educational services. A new learning service using tablet computers that was launched in 2015 is set to become one of our key educational services in the future. We are now ready to provide more advanced educational services not limited by the constraints of time or space, such as video courses and quick checking of answer sheets. Together with our business partner, Knewton, Inc., a world-leading company in adaptive learning, we will provide new services with learning content personalized in real time to the individual. Our high-quality learning content and our original analysis of algorithms based on accumulated learning data contribute to understanding the needs of each student, and to assessing their learning content in order to most effectively improve the student’s achievements.

Z-kai’s Correspondence Education Services

  • We help students develop their “thinking processes” by providing assignments of the highest quality. Answer sheets are sent.
  • Our graders are professionally trained and provide our students with truly personalized feedback.
  • Following this process twice a month enables our students to obtain the methodology they need to find the best answers to a question.

Publishing Business

Z-kai also publishes a wide range of textbooks and workbooks aimed at students ranging from PreK-12 students to adults, mainly aimed at senior high school students (10th-12th graders). Though the goal of our services is the successful entry of students into higher education, our publications do not aim only to provide Z-kai students with a mere knowledge of facts : they are carefully written and edited to teach students how to learn, so that they will learn to love studying. The following books are especially popular among both high school students and teachers (long-time best sellers).

“Sokudoku Eitango” series (Vocabulary Building)

okudoku Eitango” series (Vocabulary Building)

The aim of these books is not only to build vocabulary but also to improve rapid reading skills. The series is structured to help students acquire vocabulary while reading texts more effectively. Subjects are selected to stimulate student curiosity. The series has sold about 6 million copies since 1996.

 “New Treasure” series (English Textbooks)

 “New Treasure” series (English Textbooks)

English textbooks tailored for top-level junior high schools and senior high schools. Intro level Stage1 is used by over 250 top schools nationwide. In addition to English language learning, the series provides training in logical thinking and communicative competence.

Z-kai’s “Grade-Up Workbook” series, aimed at elementary students, is popular among top 20 percent of students in Japan and in April 2019 we released the first localized English version in North America. We will contribute to raise mathematics educational standards in North America by delivering its world’s leading quality material.

“Z-kai Zoom-Up Workbook Math”series

“Z-kai Zoom-Up Workbook Math series”

Z-kai Zoom-Up Workbook is tailored to develop students’ mathematical thinking, problem solving, and explanation skills that are necessary for their future success in STEM.
*Zoom-Up Workbooks were developed to reflect or surpass grade-specific Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M, 2010).
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Cram school

pictureWe also provide high quality lessons in our schools. Z-kai believes in the value of keeping class size as small as possible so that each course can be closely adjusted to the ability of the individual student. Our professional teachers offer high-quality one-on-one lessons for students who desire a more personalized approach. We are also devoted to preparing and printing our own textbooks and developing our own curriculums in order to provide our students with what they really need for their studies. In addition, video lessons are available anytime.

Services aimed at Educational Institutions

pictureZ-kai provides educational materials and mock tests to especially top-ranked schools. In order to assist the development of ICT in schools, we introduce a new learning platform based on our network and knowledge, whereby we provide teaching products to make the school affairs management system more effective and efficient, analyzing the learning data and providing content appropriate to each student. Furthermore, in collaboration with our partner Edmodo Inc., which has 55 million users in 190 countries worldwide, we are able to provide an SNS service to promote communication between teachers, students and parents. In order to make school education successful, Z-kai will play a part in facilitating communication between schools and in adding the acquisition of 21st-century skills to school education.

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