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Notice Regarding Acquisition of All Shares in Aoi. co.

December 7, 2017
Z-kai Inc.

December 7, 2017 – The Z-kai Group (below, “the Group”) announces that on 30th November 2017 Z-kai Learning Technology Inc., a subsidiary of the Group, acquired all shares in Aoi. co (below, “Aoi”), which operates Aoi-zemi (“zemi” is an abbreviation of “seminar” in Japanese), an online cram school. The Group, including Z-kai Inc., will utilize the platform and knowledge of the online cram school to enhance its Ed-Tech services.


The Z-kai Group offers a wide range of educational services, including correspondence courses, cram schools, publications, mock examinations, assessment and ICT-based tutoring services, aimed at students ranging from kindergarten children to adults. The Group delivers these services in line with the corporate philosophy, “Excellence in education for future global leaders” through Z-kai Inc., Z-kai Educe, Z-kai CA, Z-kai Learning Technology, ZE Holdings Inc., Eikoh Inc. and other subsidiaries.

Educational services are changing to meet new needs that are more diverse than ever before. Actively developing Ed-Tech materials, the use of which is growing rapidly worldwide, the Group offers educational services that combine leading-edge technology with the high-quality materials it has been developing since its inception.

Established in March 2012 based on the corporate philosophy “Strive to eliminate disparities in education”, Aoi offers innovative educational services: Aoi-zemi, a vanguard of the online cram school, and Saclass, a small-group preparation course for top high school entrance examinations. The company strives constantly to improve the quality of its services. Aoi-zemi, the main business of Aoi, offers more than 4,000 lecture videos by proficient teachers, aimed at secondary school students. It is recognized as a service that is “clear, together, sustainable” and the number of free and paying subscribers continues to increase at a steady rate.

The objective of this acquisition is to develop the best online learning services for customers by maximizing the strength of our online and offline learning services. The Z-kai Group will offer services that combine the knowledge and the applications of this pioneer within the highly-competitive online cram school industry with the resources of the Group, including its high-quality learning contents, its proficient teachers and use of Eikoh Seminar of the Z-kai Group, one of the largest cram schools in Japan as an excellent venue for large-scale demonstration projects.

This acquisition will enable Aoi, as a member of the Z-kai Group, to develop its businesses. The Z-kai Group will accelerate its delivery of the best educational services through the utilization of lecture videos, the resources of the Group and its leading-edge technologies.

About Aoi

    1. Company name: Aoi. co
    2. Established : March 28, 2012
    3. CEO : Takaki Ishii
    4. Business : Online cram school, educational materials
    5. Address : Yotsuya-mitsuke Building 6F, 1-1, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004

There will be no change in the services offered by Aoi. Services to existing customers of Aoi. co will continue unchanged under the auspices of the Z-kai Group.

The Z-kai Group continues to be dedicated to the creation of added value to meet our customers’ expectations.

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