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Notice Regarding Acquisition of All Shares in SMART KIDS Inc.

November 6, 2017
Zoshinkai Publishers Inc.

November 6, 2017 - Zoshinkai Publishers Inc. (below, “Zoshinkai”), the holding company of Z-kai Group, announces that on 31th October 2017 the company acquired all of the shares of SMART KIDS Inc. (below, “SMART KIDS”).


The Z-kai Group offers a wide range of educational services, including correspondence courses, cram schools, publications, mock examinations, assessment and ICT-based tutoring services, aimed at students ranging from kindergarten children to adults. The Group delivers these services in line with the corporate philosophy, “Excellence in education for future global leaders” through Z-kai Inc., Z-kai Educe, Z-kai CA, ZE Holdings Inc., Eikoh Inc., and other subsidiaries.

SMART KIDS operates child-care centers which support the development and growth of children, offering mainly day-care services (infants and toddlers, 0-2 years old) and after-school and school-holidays care programs (K-12).
The objectives of SMART KIDS:

    1. To provide after-school safety and a safe haven for children with disabilities and parents.
    2. To support each child’s individual development.
    3. To reduce the burden on parents.

The fundamental policy of SMART KIDS is to build a sincere relationship with each child and his/her parents, and to foster a zest for living through an original curriculum designed to support the individual development of each child and maximize his/her potential. The Z-kai Group, which has a passion for education that delivers to each child learning in its most appropriate form, shares this passion.

This acquisition will enable SMART KIDS, as a member of the Z-kai Group, to develop its businesses through active expansion utilizing the knowledge and skills of the Group: to develop its “Smart Progress” business, a career-education service encouraging children’s social and professional independence, and its “Smart Petit” business, a child-care service for infants and toddlers, etc.


    1. Company name: SMART KIDS Inc.
    2. Number of classrooms: 49 (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, Osaka, etc.)
    3. Established : 2008
    4. Address: HF Monzen-nakacho Building 8F, 2-1-9, Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo 105-6227
    5. Tel: 03-6458-5456 (hours: 10am - 6pm)

There will be no change in the services SMART KIDS and the Z-kai Group will continue to provide to existing customers.

The Z-kai Group will continue to be dedicated to the creation of added value to meet our customers’ expectations.

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