【Z-kai Group and Pearson Japan K.K.】
Basic Agreement on the formation of a Business Alliance

January 21, 2016

January 21st , 2016 – Zoshinkai Publishers Inc. (Headquarters: Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, Japan; CEO Takaaki Fujii, “Zoshinkai”) today announced that the company has reached a basic agreement with Pearson Japan K.K. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO Alan Malcom, ”Pearson”) on the formation of a business alliance for the creation and provision of a new digital English educational service.

The two companies will develop a customized version of Pearson’s digital English language learning products to match the needs of the Japanese market, and will provide the services through Z-kai Inc. (Headquarters: Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, Japan; CEO: Takaaki Fujii, “Z-kai”) and other subsidiaries of Zoshinkai (“Z-kai Group”).

Since its establishment, the Z-kai Group has focused not only on helping students to pass entrance examinations, but also on the development of “real academic competence” that will be of use in the future. To incorporate this philosophy, the Z-kai Group provides services for which a high level of attention is given to detail, from the selection of materials to the specifics of teaching. The Z-kai Group has focused consistently on English language education, and has an excellent reputation not only for its distance correspondence courses which are its principal business, but also for its vocabulary-building series “Sokudoku Eitango” and English text book series “NEW TREASURE”.

Pearson is the Japanese branch of Pearson PLC, based in London, which is the world’s largest provider of educational services, with operations in over 70 countries. Pearson PLC is well known for delivering leading-edge solutions to a wide variety of educational institutions, corporations and other organizations. These range from traditional English language learning materials to digital English resources incorporating the latest technologies, e-learning resources, electronic dictionaries, and online assessments. Pearson PLC is also involved in curriculum development, human resources training, and qualification assessment.

This agreement will enable the two companies to provide new English language educational services, bringing together expertise and leading-edge digital technology not only to meet the demand for the four English language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing), but also to develop new English education services based on universal values.

Through these services, the Z-kai Group will contribute to social innovation and development through the development of human resources with the communication skills that enable them to work together with others in the global community.

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